Setting property value of parent viewcontroller class from child viewcontroller?

Setting property value of parent viewcontroller class from child viewcontroller?

Does anyone know how to update a property value from the subview (child) view controller? I have a int property called statusid defined with gettor/settor in parent view controller. [self.view addSubview:detailsVC.view];

In the child subview, I trying calling [super statusid:updatedValue]; to update statusid to a new value, but this creates an error. How can i update statusid in the parent? Anyone know how to do this?

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with "super" you access your base class, the one your current class has inherited from. How do I launch my settings bundle from my application? to did what you've explained, you need to access a property of your parent view, which is rather complicated since this will most likely end with both classes endeavor to reference each other. Long-term potential of iPhone/Windows Mobile development platformsthus you will most likely have to create a delegate pattern, looking any what like this. How combine TabBar + Navigation with XCode ParentView.h. Best way to manage probably huge photo library with iPhone SDK
@protocol IAmYourFatherAndMotherProtocol  @class ChildView;  @interface ParentView : UIViewController <IAmYourFatherAndMotherProtocol> { NSInteger statusID; }  @property (nonatomic) NSInteger statusID;  @protocol IAmYourFatherAndMotherProtocol @property (nonatomic) NSInteger statusID; @end  @end 
in ChildView.h. How make scrolling function with Interface builder on the iPhone?
#import "ParentView.h"  @interface ChildView : UIViewController {   id<IAmYourFatherAndMotherProtocol> delegate; }  @property (nonatomic, assign) id <IAmYourFatherAndMotherProtocol> delegate; 
when creating your ChildView in ParentView.m, you have to set "self" as delegate, eg:. How programatically move a UIScrollView to focus in a control above keyboard?
ChildView *newChild = [[ChildView alloc] init]; newChild.delegate = self; 
by doing so, you must access "statusID" of your ParentView in ChildView.m like this:.
delegate.statusID = 1337; 
hope this helps.


Calling a method on super calls the superclass's implementation of a method, it does call the superview's/super view controller's implementation.. You either need to keep a reference to the parent from the child view controller and call the setStatusId: method on the parent, or create a delegate pattern between the two this will let the child's delegate (likely set to the parent) know this the status ID changed..

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