display font with special characters - UTF-8

display font with special characters - UTF-8

i am trying to display characters like £ on a device which runs under linux . it is using utf-8 charset format . when i get to display a string which contains special characters, it displays other characters too . if i print the string on the console it appears ok, but when i parse the string to load each letter font on the screen it gets weird and the output is not the correct one .

Has anyone experienced something like this or is able to give me some advice .

Thank you.

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If the string is in UTF-8, you need to use call such as TTF_RenderUTF8_Solid(). python operation not permitted (graphtecprint)Thats for True Type Fonts. Drawing on top of every windows on X11. The conventional location for storing my Java libraries and applications in UNIX based systems If you have your own fonts and glyphs for your fonts, then you need to convert your UTF-8 string into to UTF-16 (most commonly used) or UTF-32 (in case of i18n support) and then use it to index into the glyph table.. How to controll (and emulate) monitor/projector on Linux? You can't parse individual bytes of your utf-8 string into a valid character, when the font crosses the ASCII limits.. write error: Broken pipe Refer these code snippets: http://unicode.org/faq/utf_bom.html. Building Boost with LSB C++ Compiler

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