Drupal site requires a higher memory limit after migration? Why?

Drupal site requires a higher memory limit after migration? Why?

We have a website which had a previous memory limit of 12 MB (12 MB in php.ini, and 16 MB in settings.php) and worked previously.

After moving to a new server it started giving memory limit errors and displaying half-blank screen.

We increaded the limit in both files (php.ini and settings.php) and now it works, but I dont understand how is it possible that now it needs a considerably larger amount of memory (it used to work with 12 MB, now it cont work with less than 20 MB).

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12 is too low, if you don't use only drupal as it is. Higher is recommend, than more modules you will install, usually 96MB is enough with image processing....


12 MB is really very low. I would tend to ignore it and go on.. Ideas what could have changed, though:.
  • The old server could have had modules installed this reduced memory usage, e.g. memcache.
  • The new server may have to rely on GD library for image processing, while the old server maybe had ImageMagick (which is an external tool and doesn't count towards the memory limit) .

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