Sphinx in C++ (Linux)

Sphinx in C++ (Linux)

This time I want to implement Sphinx in Linux. Please give me the API required to do the same or the concerned link will also do. Although I found many for PHP, however none for C++.

I have also used GTKmm in my application.

How do I compile on linux to share with all distributions?


getnameinfo specifies socklen_t
There is no API to did this. Porting Windows platform C++ to POSIX (Linux) C++ - WSAGetLastError()Sphinx will process text files in reStructuredText format and turn them into documentation. Invoke web page from Linux CThe ability to extract documentation from source code is only present for python code. Is there a (Linux) C++ IDE that can 'construct' a project from a makefile?For another languages you will need to put the documentation in the reStructuredText files directly. Kernel module for /procDo not be confused by the added C/C++/etc. Using many mutex lockssupport in Sphinx 1.0: this only covers new reStructeredText directives to better format (and index) documentation regarding non-python code.. Query size of block device file in Python It is theoretically possible to use a tool like Doxygen to extract documentation from C++ sources and use this in Sphinx, although this requires custom tools. Breathe may be one such tool..

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