PHP exec - check if enabled or disabled

PHP exec - check if enabled or disabled

Is there a way to check in a php script if exec() is enabled or disabled on a server?

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if(function_exists('exec')) {     echo "exec is enabled"; } 
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This will check if the function actually works (permissions, rights, etc):. Force Java2D Subpixel Antialiasing
if(exec('echo EXEC') == 'EXEC'){     echo 'exec works'; } 
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This will check this exec is available and enabled BEFORE endeavor to run it. If you run exec() and the function does not exist or is disabled a warning will be generated. Depending on the server settings this may render to the browser and will almost-always write a line to a log file = performance hit..
// Exec function exists. // Exec is not disabled. // Safe Mode is not on. $exec_enabled =    function_exists('exec') &&    !in_array('exec', array_map('trim', explode(', ', ini_receive ('disable_functions')))) &&    strtolower(ini_receive ('safe_mode')) != 1 ;   if($exec_enabled) { exec('blah'); } 


ini_receive ('disable_functions'). What you actually want to did is use ini_receive ('disable_functions') to find out if it is available to you:.
<?php function exec_enabled() {     $disabled = explode(',', ini_receive ('disable_functions'));     return !in_array('exec', $disabled); } ?> 
Answered on stackoverflow here: Check if "exec" is disabled, Which actually seems to come from the PHP Man page: Path. If the above returns true (you must use exec()), although PHP must still not trigger the script there is a good chance this you have a path issue for this script, test this by doing:.
print exec('which bash'); 
and then try.
print exec('which ogr2ogr'); 


This is any ugly code I made to detect if a function is enabled or not..
function is_enabled($f) {     if($f=='ini_receive ')return@ini_receive ('a')===false;     return(($l=@ini_receive ('disable_functions'))===null||!is_callable($f)||!function_exists($f)||!in_array($f,array_map('trim',explode(',',$l))); }  //Usage example: print_r(is_enabled('str_split'));//true or null if ini_receive () is disabled 


I am assuming this you are running this on a linux server. . You could test the exec function by running the following php script: .
exec("whoami", $ret);  echo $ret[0]; 
This will return the command whoami. . If it errors out, it is for the reason this the exec function could not run. .


Example:. if(strpos(ini_receive ('disable_functions'),'ini_set')===false) @ini_set('display_errors',0);.

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