What is sys/user.h used for?

What is sys/user.h used for?

I was inspecting the code of a linux application and i saw the #include in one of the code files. I tried looking it up on opengroup.org but i couldn't find it there, this is what the sys directory looks like: http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/000095399/basedefs/sys/ . I guess it's not standard header file, but i checked it in my /usr/include/sys and it was there.

What does it do and what it is used for ? If you can provide me with some manual for it, i would be grateful. Thanks.

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The comment at the top of the header pretty enough says it all:. Linux command to find the which are the jars loaded by the jvm
#ifndef _SYS_USER_H #define _SYS_USER_H     1  /* The whole purpose of this file is for GDB and GDB only. How to output only captured groups with sed Don't read    too enough into it. Recommendations for keeping a build server updated Don't use it for anything another than GDB unless    you know what you are doing. segfault during __cxa_allocate_exception in SWIG wrapped library */ 
GNU specific extensions are usually pretty easy to identify (e.g. Can I use dtsearch in C++ under linux, if yes what APIshould i use?_GNU_SOURCE). boost::this_thread::disable_interruption usage confusionHowever, debugging and instrumentation has to job even if those extensions aren't turned on. For instance, people want to use GDB on code this does not #define _GNU_SOURCE.. In this case, stuff this is not defined in ISO C (and not required by POSIX) is usually clearly labeled as such.. You'll also find all kinds of strange looking symbols in programs this include the Valgrind headers. .


Used in conjunction with ptrace(2) (see PTRACE_PEEKUSER): http://linux.die.net/man/2/ptrace.

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