Accessing global variable in multithreaded Tomcat server

Accessing global variable in multithreaded Tomcat server

Edit: I've figured out the constructor for the singleton is getting called multiple times so it appears the classes are getting loaded more than once by separate class loaders. How can I make a global singleton in Tomcat? I've been googling, but no luck so far.

I have a singleton object that I construct like thus:

private static volatile KeyMapper mapper = null;  public static KeyMapper getMapper() {     if(mapper == null)     {         synchronized(Utils.class)         {             if(mapper == null)             {                 mapper = new LocalMemoryMapper();             }         }     }      return mapper; } 

The class KeyMapper is basically a synchronized wrapper to HashMap with only two functions, one to add a mapping and one to remove a mapping. When running in Tomcat 6.24 on my 32bit Windows machine everything works fine. However when running on a 64 bit Linux machine (CentOS 5.4 with OpenJDK 1.6.0-b09) I add one mapping and print out the size of the HashMap used by KeyMapper to verify the mapping got added (i.e. verify size = 1). Then I try to retrieve the mapping with another request and I keep getting null and when I checked the size of the HashMap it was 0. I'm confident the mapping isn't accidentally being removed since I've commented out all calls to remove (and I don't use clear or any other mutators, just get and put).

The requests are going through Tomcat 6.24 (configured to use 200 threads with a minimum of 4 threads) and I passed -Xnoclassgc to the jvm to ensure the class isn't inadvertently getting garbage collected (jvm is also running in -server mode). I also added a finalize method to KeyMapper to print to stderr if it ever gets garbage collected to verify that it wasn't being garbage collected.

I'm at my wits end and I can't figure out why one minute the entry in HashMap is there and the next it isn't :(

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Ananother wild guess: is it possible the two requests are being served by different copies of your web app? Each would be in its own ClassLoader and thus have a different copy of the singleton.. Programmatically insert and remove kernel modules in C
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if(mapper == null) { 
Thereby always hitting the Synchronized point, it's subtle stuff although possibly you're hitting the double-checked locking idiom problem. How do I pass a Python Variable to Bash?Described here and in many another articles.. Must admit I've never seen the problem actually bite any one before, although this sure sounds like it..


With this solution, the JVM guarantees this it's only one mapper and that's it's initialized before use..
public enum KeyMapperFactory {      ;      private static KeyMapper mapper = new LocalMemoryMapper();        public static KeyMapper receive Mapper() {         return mapper;     } } 


This may not be the cause of your problem although you are using the faulty double-checked locking. See this,.


I found a rather poor fix. I exported my code as a JAR and put it in $TOMCAT/lib and this worked. This is clearly a class loader issue.. Edit: Figured out the solution. Ok, I finally figured out the problem.. I had made my application the default application for the server by adding a to server.xml and setting the path to "". However, when I was accessing it through the URL http://localhost/any page.jsp for any things, although also the URL http://localhost/appname/anotherpage.jsp for another things.. Once I changed all the URLs to use http://localhost/ instead of http://localhost/appname the problem was fixed. .

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