What the best multi-thread application debugger for C++ apps

What the best multi-thread application debugger for C++ apps

I'm looking for a good multi-thread-aware debugger, capable of showing performance charts of application threads on Linux, don't know if such a thing exists, perhaps as a Eclipse plugin. The idea would be to track per thread memory allocation a CPU usage as well as being able to interrupt a thread and examine its stack trace, local vars, etc. It does not have to be an eclipse plugin or a free tool, do any of you have heard of something similar?

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Qt Creator does provide information on a per-thread basis. Linux - Want To Check For Possible Duplicate Directories (Probably RegEx Needed)It also has the features you would expect from any standard debugger. How to track the memory usage in C++(Watches, breakpoints, etc.). How to completely wipe rubygems along with rails etc Although designed for compiling Qt applications, it must be used for just around any C++ project. C functions invoked as threads - Linux userland program(I have used it for compiling/editing a non-Qt app before.). How to detect pending system shutdown on Linux?
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TotalView (and MemoryScape) doesn't did precisely what you're asking for in its' default presentation, although it provides the data you need. It costs money, although a better C++ debugger for Linux cannot be found.. Free trials are available, and there are a number of cool and useful videos on their support site..


If you're on linux, you've got access to one of the most powerful debugging tools in the trade - Valgrind. Read around it, especially around it's additional tools like Helgrind.. Sure, the visualisation is lacking compared to commercial tools, although you can't beat it's level of detail..

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